Plays and sketches by Kay Macauliffe

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Accidents Will Happen
Mime. Many accidents befall four women in a living room, trying to put up a `Safety in the Home' poster.
published by Kenyon-Deane in Five more Mimes for Women

According to Plan
A morning of wedding preparations. A widow is to marry her childhood sweetheart; but she has second thoughts, and her change of heart throws her family into confusion.
This play won a silver cup for the best comedy at the Beckenham One Act Play Festival in 1961. "Has not only credibility but warmth and sincerity" - Amateur Stage Vol. XXXIII, Nov., 1978
Ian Henry Publications 1978

All Sir Garnet
Lucy, an old servant, tells the new occupants of a cottage about two previous inhabitants, shown in flashback; a mystery is solved and a discovery made.
Kenyon-Deane 1961

At the Black Eagle Inn
Lady Nelson and Horatia, Lady Hamilton's daughter, meet at a Merton inn.

Be My Guest
A comedy of misunderstandings when Mary's friends confuse the identities of her mother-in-law and a women's organization's visiting speaker.
Kenyon-Deane 1981

Bed-time Story
A duologue. A woman wakes up in her friend's house, with no recollection of the events of the night before.

Behind the Curtain (originally titled Beginners, Please)
During a play rehearsal, the mystery of the sudden death of the actress who formerly played the lead is solved. Includes dialogue between actresses playing Mary Tudor and her sister Elizabeth.
Kenyon-Deane 1983

Bowled Over
Chaotic events precede the women's Bowls competition, with misunderstandings and high tempers.
Kenyon-Deane 1984

A Christmas Carol
Adapted as a mime with narration from Charles Dickens' story. Only one speaking part, the Commère. Ideal for Christmas parties and Old Folks' Clubs.
in Double Bill, Kenyon-Deane 1964

A potted pantomime in verse with theme of smokeless fuel.
in Double Bill, Kenyon-Deane 1964

Costume Parade
One speaking part, for Commère. Needs up to thirteen women (parts can be doubled) and a pianist.
Townswomens Guild Play Bank

A Cuckoo for Christmas (originally titled Sing Little Birdie)
Beryl's desire for a truly peaceful Christmas is frustrated as her guest, Alice, has a phobia about birds, and birds of all sorts seem to converge in her house.
A funny yet touching littleplay, obviously aimed at the TG/WI drama groups, both well written and original. - Amateur Stage
New Playwrights' Network / Cressrelles Publishing Co

Family Reunion
The 80th birthday of a former suffragette now in an old people's home, with visits from relations providing surprises.
Evans 1973/ Samuel French

Full Steam Ahead
During a women's organization's meeting, a melodramatic play is read - or misread.
Evans 1966/ Samuel French

I Shall Not Cease: the Story of Blenheim Palace
About the first Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, and her fight to build Blenheim Palace. Set in 1753.
Clementine Churchill commented in a letter, on being sent a copy of this play, "I think your rendering of Sarah in her old age excellent."

The Little Foundling
A `rehearsal' employing the devices of Victorian melodrama interspersed with `out-of-character' comments, with faux-pas and assorted disasters.
Kenyon-Deane 1978

The Little Heir
The producer of an amateur drama group has written a play. She is delighted when they offer to give it a reading for her - until they start!
This play has been translated into Dutch, as De Kleine Jonke.
Kenyon-Deane 1958

Looking for Romance
A cockney woman and a foreigner meet in a café.

Making Tracks

Many Happy Returns!
A charade in three scenes: Happy Birthday!, A Piece of Cake, and Welcome to the W.I.! The first two can be performed separately.
In Happy Birthday! Mother astonishes her three daughters on her 80th birthday. The Wimbledon local paper called this "a nicely balanced mixture of pathos and gentle humour".
In A Piece of Cake two suspicious visitors to the home of two sisters are foiled by the wits of one of them.
In Welcome to the W.I., chaotic events during a meeting appal a prospective new member.

My Hat!
A play within a play, set out-doors, for Fetes, etc., with folk dancing and a musician.

Now and Then
Scenes set in 1747, 1847 and 1947, with successive Lady Meadows.

One Touch of Nature
Mime. A class preparing to receive a distinguished visitor is thrown into chaos when their leader develops hiccups, and they try various methods of curing them.
in Five More Mimes for Women, Kenyon-Deane

Pot Luck

The Price of Pride
A proud mother, who despises failures, is brought to realize, by her daughter-in-law, that she has failed her own son.
in Last-minute Sketches, Kenyon-Deane 1972

Red Letter Day
On the day of Sybil's driving test, further mishaps are added to those she has already incurred in striving to learn to drive.
Evans 1968 / Samuel French

Show Business
Myra is running the village fete, and asks her famous actress sister to open it. The sister gets a better offer, and plans to let down the village, but is persuaded to stay.

Something to Celebrate
In the home of the Chairwoman of the local Townswomen's Guild, the day before their Open Day, a colourful assortment of ladies gather together in preparation, and all discover they have something to celebrate.
This play won the National Townswomens' Guild play competition in 1978. The adjudicator called it "A good, lively comedy, amusing and convincing".
Kenyon-Deane 1978

Time Will Tell
A murder play. Old Mrs Beams drives her daughter-in-law to desperate, grim measures, hoping to inherit her house.

Trouble Brewing
Comedy, one-act

What Do You Think?
Five unfinished playlets to stimulate discussion
Townswomens' Guild Play Bank

What's Cooking?

Would You Believe It?
Six women in the house. Who has stolen the money and the necklace?

You Can't Be Too Careful
Monologue. Mother-in-law visiting daughter-in-law supine in hospital recounts a series of disasters that have befallen her husband and home.
in Last-Minute Sketches, Kenyon-Deane 1978