Sample list of articles:

Angela Thirkell Society Conference papers
Coronation Summer and after: Angela Thirkell's `extra' books 22-6 (1998)
A tale told by an index: Indexing the works of Angela Thirkell

Bulletin of the Angela Thirkell Society of North America
I name this child ... No. 54, February 2003
The Hovenden Players of Covent Garden; Holiday 2007, pages 19-29

Angela Thirkell Society Journal
Self-portrait of the writer as an ideal mother; No. 13, 1993
Courtesan indexing, No. 19, 1999
Book reviews and Thirkell criticism, No. 17, 1997

Arts Club Journal
The gentle art of plagiarism: artists, authors and ownership Spring 1997 26-7

Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers
Indexing in the '60s, ff.

The Biographers Club, November 2005
Lust, crime, deception, failure, and lice in the hair -- biographers in fiction

Books for your children
Meeting difficult situations 8-9 (1969)

European Science Editing
Editorial -- alas, no more! [letter]

The Gissing Journal
The index to the papers of Henry Ryecroft XLII, 3 2006

Glass Circle News
Indexing Glass Circle publications: an uneasy amalgamation 140, March 2016

Good Housekeeping
A brush with blindness (June 1983)

Green Leaves, the Journal of the Barbara Pym Society
Two English lady novelists: Mrs Thirkell and Miss Pym Vol.3 No.1, March 1997, pages 5-6
Well worth reviving: the novels of Catherine Heath 4.2.5
Lorenzo and the Graveyard Poets (Vol. 7 No. 2, November 2001)
`Barbara on the Boards' 21.2.10
`Fiction see diary' 22.2.11
'Indexing (and) Pym' 5.2.9
`Indexing Green Leaves' 21.2.8-9
Dramatised Pym (Vol. 4 No. 1, March 1988, page 7)
'Pymming Pym' 5.1.6

The Indexer

Memories of an editor 38, (1), 45-56
The personality of the indexer (vol. 32, December 2014, pp 149-155)
'Discursive, dispersed, heterogeneous': indexing Seven pillars of wisdom 24.1 (2004)
The Ah!-factor. 17.3.191-2 (1991)
Bernard Levin and The Indexer (April 2005)
Should fiction be indexed? The indexability of text. 18.83-6 (1992)
Fiction published with indexes in chronological order of publication (April 2007)
Indexing biographies: the main character, The Indexer 17(1) April 1990, 43-4
Indexing fiction: a story of complexity. 17.251-6
Thirty-nine to one: indexing the novels of Angela Thirkell 21.1.6-10
Indexes as fiction and fiction as paper-chase 20.4.209-11 (1997)
Subject indexing of poetry: Could we? Should we?
Bias in indexing and loaded language. 17.173-7
Indexing biographies: lives do bring their problems 16.3.168-72 (1989)
Whom should we aim to please? 20.1.3-5 (April 1996)
Strange purposes of indexes 23.3.167-8 (2003)
Compiling an anthology of indexes 23.1.32-3 (2002)
The making of a dictionary: James A. H. Murray 20.2.78-80
Vive la différence! The survival of the softest. 18.231-6
She who must be an indexer 16.3.192-3
Index Makers of Today: David Lee Vol. 19 No. 2 October 1994, 130-131

Journal of the Alliance of Literary Societies (ALSO)
vol 7, 2013 Women's-eye view: Social Satire in 20th cent. fiction

The Open Book April 2003, pages 16-17
Literary Wastes of Shame

Journal of Documentation

Review of Hans H. Wellisch, Indexing from A to Z, in Vol. 53 No. 1 January 1997, 93-95

Journal of Scholarly Publishing

Literary Societies in Fiction: 'A Sort of Mild Mania' Vol. 43.2 pp 38-42
Subject Indexes to Poetry: Historical : ( See Patriotism) Vol. 38.3 pp 162-8
In others' words 34.4.208-13 (2003)
Review of In Pursuit of Coleridge by Kathleen Coburn 29.1.56-61 (1997)
Novelist as Scholarly Editor, Mid-twentieth Century 37.2.119-130 (2006)
Editors and Copy Editors in Fiction: Taking a Carpet-Sweeper to the Jungle 39.2.156-167 2008)
Personalities in Publishing: Richard Abel Vol. 30 No.2
Personalities in Publishing: David Crystal Vol. 31 No.1
Personalities in Publishing: Bernard Donovan Vol. 30 No.1
Personalities in Publishing: Jane Dorner Vol. 33 No.2
Personalities in Publishing: Gordon Graham Vol. 29 No.3
Personalities in Publishing: Ian Norrie Vol. 32 No. 1
Personalities in Publishing: John Taylor Vol. 33 No. 1
Personalities in Publishing: Jeremy Wilson Vol. 33 No.4
Personalities in Publishing: Hans H. Wellisch Vol. 29 No.4. (July 1998)

The Lady
Wild life in new towns 6 July p.14 (1961)

Learned Publishing

Controversial issues in English: The Queen's English Society
From herbals to Hotbot: the development of journal indexing 14.2.123-30
Scientific publishing, 17th-century style: precepts of Francis Bacon 13.2.124-6 (2000)
Telling it like it is: reporting conferences and seminars vol. 14 pp. 72-74(3)
SFEP: from isolation to professionalization. 10.4.351-3 (1997)
The evolution of an editorial office in a small Society 9.1.23-7 (1996)
Cumulative index or classified contents list? 8.2.130-2 (1995)
LC: the largest library in the changing world 7.1.39-44 (1994)
Princeton University Library; `Not a data bank but a repository of knowledge' 6.4.37-40 (1993)
Taylor & Francis: Serving science, family-style 6.2.37-9
Academia Europaea: trans-Continental, multi-disciplinary 5.2.77-80 (1992)
The British Academy: promoting the humanities 5.4.225-30
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers 4.3.153-5 (1991)
Legal deposit in Euston Street 4.4.207-12
The Hakluyt Society 3.3. (1990)
Review of Quick guide 13: Indexing your book
ALPSP, know thyself!13/199-200
More books, fewer journals wanted? 12/63-4

LOGOS: The Journal of the World Book Community

The personal library as doppelgänger: Buried -- and happily so -- beneath strata of books
The pleasures and pitfalls of reading groups 12/4. 203-9 (2001)
May I quote you? Notes from a traveller in the jungle of permissions 12.4.224-5
The fellowship of the book 10.3.177-82 (1999)
Words in your ear: A techno-assisted revival of an ancient art 9.4.222-7 (1998)
The world's literary societies: torchbearers for famous (and not so famous) authors 8.2.70-4 (1997)
On the indexability of butterflies 3.3:149-52 (1992)
The Literature of the Book: Indexing 14.27-30
"Readership and ownership" 3.1:53
Review of Indexing books by Nancy Mulvany 6/4 1995, 222-223
A fraternization of journals -- and the love of a good index 21 3/4. 203-6

Managing Information
Biography indexing: not a subject specialism Vol. 8 No. 9 Nov. 64-5 (2001)

To disk or not to disk -- what are the questions? -- No. 15, April 1992, pages 1-3

`Quiet, darling, Mummy's working' 505.74 (1979)
Tears, idle tears 500.62 (1978)

Mother & Baby
I'm ill, fly me March 44-5 (1979)

NHR/NWR book groups through forty years No. 4, 2001

NHR Newsletter

She review 18.9 (1975)
Spare Rib review 19.10-11
Over 21 review 17.7 (1974)
Busy doing nothing No. 27 Autumn 1979, 21-2
National Newsletter since 1962 No. 27 Autumn 1979 31-2
Editing the newsletter No. 25, Autumn 1978, 31-2
Grading discussion No. 25 Autumn 1978, 25
Quiet, darling, Mummy's working No. 24 Spring 1978, 28-30
Beyond the Kitchen Sink
Making Allowances

The Open Book
(Journal of the Alliance of Literary Societies)
Literary wastes of shame April 16-17 (2003)

Rubber Developments

On the road 44.1.18 (1991)
Respiratory latex (face masks) 44.1.10
Telling the tale of time (rubber in museums) 44.1.11-15
Cushioning conventions 43.3/4.5-7 (1990)
Padded pillars
Rubber showing off 43.3/4.13
Travelling tough 43.3/4.17
Tubing finds its way 43.3/4.16-17

Scholarly Publishing
Reading for fine indexing 23.2.115-21 (1992)

My Other Hat: When I'm not Indexing ... I'm publishing 14:3.5 (2014)

Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders Newsletter
An editor's eye on the stage No. 31 pp. 4-6, 1992
Copy-editing for the blind No.23, April 1991
On the home front No. 26, Jul/Aug 1991, page 1

Trident (Central Hertfordshire Consumer Group)
Picture books for situations 14.25-7 (1967)

WEA Newsletter (Workers Education Association)
Who will listen tomorrow? (on children's radio programmes) (1967)

U3A News
Publishing: If it's for money, don't do it